Sacred Healing on

the Nile!


October 10-25, 2019


Explore the Sacred Sites and

Secret Science of Egypt

Precision of the Pyramids

No other pyramid complexes and monoliths have the level of precision and sophistication that the carvings, paintings and hieroglyphs that Egypt has. We have been shown on Ancient Aliens how the images on the faces of the pyramids and monoliths are so precise that a copy of one side of the image can be folded over the other side of the image as an exact copy.  These images were not carved onto the surfaces by human hands. They were put on by a laser or some other form of advanced technology.

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A Guided Tour on a Private Luxury Yacht

We have the blessing of undertaking this magnificent journey under the guidance of a loving tour company that will magnificently sail us down the Nile River in our private luxury sail boat yacht.  We will stop at many incredible pyramids and temple complexes and be initiated into the powerful energies of ISIS, HORUS, SEKMET, HATHOR, and many others.  We will relax and experience the ancient beauty of the Nile River as we peacefully sail from one amazing pyramid and temple to the next. We will be securely wrapped in the loving comfort of our Egyptian guides and dine and sleep on our luxury yacht.

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Private Time to Meditate in the Kings Chamber

We will have private time in the Kings Chamber at The Great Pyramid and meditate with the energy in this incredible enormous structure. There will be private time at the Sphinx to study and explore this ancient timeless beauty and structure as well as the beautiful island temple at Philae to be initiated into the energy of ISIS!

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See Ancient Artifacts at the Egyptian Museum

There will be a sunrise tour of Karnak Temple, one of the largest temple complexes in the world which reminds us of the powerful act of creation,
of beginning anew and of building on the divine plan. Of course, we will visit the Egyptian Museum to explore the collection of more than 200,000 ancient Egyptian Artifacts including the treasure of Tut-Ank-Amon! We will personally see the Dendera Light stone wall relief at the Hathor Temple in the Dendera Temple Complex that has made everyone wonder if they really had electricity in Egypt as the image of the huge light bulb and wire suggests.


All this and so much more!!!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (859) 749-7146

or email at cosmicmysteriesschool@gmail.com.

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