January 25-February 2, 2019

Sacred Journey to Mexico 

Embark on a Spiritual Adventure and Connect 

to the Ancient Mayan World!

This beautiful sacred journey was created by

The Cosmic Mysteries School, Cesar Mena (Hunbatz Men's son) and Miguel Angel Vergara. 


This trip we will be honoring the elements of Mother Nature, the Ancient Maya and the water beings, the bird tribe, and the animal kingdom with our ceremonies!  We will start at LOL BE calling in the Ancient Maya and Hunbatz Men to share with us in celebration of LOL BE and the MAYA. We will honor Father Sun and the Fire Element in this ceremony. 


We will be honoring the Goddess IXCHEL and the Element of Water by performing  a Water ceremony at Cenote Yokdzonot. We will be honoring the water and we will receive purification through the energy of the water. We may even swim in the Cenote after the ceremony for further purification. Lastly, we will visit the huge pyramid site of KALAKMUL located inside a huge nature preserve between the borders of Mexico and Guatemala.  

For further information, including the trip
itinerary and costs contact us at:

(859) 749-7146


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