Take a Sacred Trip to Mexico!!


February 14-22, 2020


Discover the Mysteries of LEMURIA & ATLANTIS in the Ancient


Take a Journey with Mayan Master Teachers

This beautiful sacred journey was created by

The Cosmic Mysteries School, Cesar Mena (Hunbatz Men's son) and Miguel Angel Vergara.  Miguel is a Master teacher of Mayan Astronomy, Philosophy, Calendar, Mayan
Glyphs, Symbols, Medicine, Cosmovision, Traditions, Prayers, Healing, Ceremony and Sexual Alchemy.

During this sacred journey Miguel will share his deep knowledge of the Mayan Feminine and Masculine Deities, his profound abilities in
Connecting with the Lords of Light leading us in energetic meditations and perform a beautiful Mayan Ceremony.

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Mayan Ceremony, Education and Meditation

Miguel will also share other teachings from his deep knowledge base that is so huge we can't list it all here! His connection with the Lords of Light of the Maya is profound and his guidance is well sought after. He teaches in Mexico and worldwide. He has been teaching Mayan ceremony, education and meditation for over 27 years. He was apprenticed for 17 years to Mayan Elder Don Vincente M artin who was a Mayan wisdom keeper. Miguel is also a
professional teacher and an artist.

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Shared Meditations and Teachings

When Master Teacher Miguel Angel visited The Cosmic Mysteries School and shared meditation and teachings with us in the past, we had other-worldly phenomenon occur, such as spontaneous past-life visions and dimensional shifts of reality popping into our meditation. When we
mediated with him on top of the pyramid at Izamal, the Lords of Light blessed us suddenly with a drenching rain shower for our purification!

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Secret Ceremony and Connection to Lemuria & Atlantis

We will also be working with the Mayan Elders of Minatitlan near Villahermosa, Mexico to understand the ancient ceremony and meaning behind Quetzalcoatl/Kulkulkan.We will d o a secret ceremony and understand how Quetzalcoatl turned himself into a butterfly to connect his spirit to the planet Icohqui (Venus)! We will visit the Olmec/Lemurian Museum of San Andres, Tuxtlawhere we can connect with the deep meaning of "Silence" in the OLMEC Culture to contact the voice of the creator of Life.

We will connect with the frequency of the "Black Man and Black Woman Sculptures" of the OLMEC to help us journey through the
dimensions to the time of LEMURIA and ATLANTIS and learn the Origin of  Humankind.

We will do an initiation ceremony at the Waterfall at Lake Catemaco with the Mayan Elders to connect with the Olmec Teacher of Light!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (859) 749-7146

or email at cosmicmysteriesschool@gmail.com.


Watch Patricia Perform Ceremony and Meditation at the Montana Megaliths

This past summer, The Cosmic Mysteries School co-founders Patricia Morris Cardona and 

Dr. Dan Cardona traveled with students to the Montana Megaliths - large boulders that date from 72,000 years ago! Through guided ceremony and meditation, Patricia, Dan and the students connected with the Ancient Beings that created the Megaliths as demonstrated in this video. Want to participate in similar journeys such as this, reserve your space for Mexico 2020.

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