• Cutting the Cords Workshop

    People are stuck in the past and it’s crippling them in the present. They are not free to live fully in the present moment. Instead they are reliving over and over again the same life, the same experiences that occurred in the past. How often do you hear yourself or someone you know saying, “I wish that had never happened to me” long after the actual event has taken place?

    Well, think about this, it takes a lot of mental energy to keep these events and people firmly planted in your mind. Now imagine what it would feel like if you weren’t burdened with them you would have energy to burn! Think about one final thing. Most people are not really alive. They are not alive because the only moment you can be alive in is the present moment. You can’t be alive in the past and the future you have yet to live. So are you ready to rejoin us in the now?

    You will gain the following benefits from this workshop:

    -A More Joyful Life
    -Increased Energy
    -Better Relationships
    -Removal of Unwanted Baggage
    -Letting Go of Unhealthy Relationships
    -Increased Personal Resources
    -Being alive in the Present Moment
    -Letting Go of the Past
    -Improved Mental Health
    -Increased Sense of Freedom


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