Medicine Shield Workshop

You will find that through this course you will be able to create your own personal Medicine Shield that will be meaningful and powerful to you. Medicine Shield teachings have been passed down through generations of Native American Healers and Warriors. It is a personal shield that declares the owner’s sacred intentions and ’Medicine’ or inherent power.

Making your own medicine shield can be a valuable lesson in Shamanic understanding because it can help you recognize your own ‘medicine’ power and how also to express it. It can also be a means of making contact with your Higher Self for the purpose of bringing your dreams or the intentions of the soul into material reality thereby fulfilling the soul’s purpose. I know you will find the Medicine Shield Workshop to be a great benefit to you!

​Benefits gained from creating a Medicine Shield:​

-Identifying Life Path
-Finding Your Power Source
-Finding Direction In Your Life
-Putting Your Goals into Form
-Determining the Elements that make up Your Path
-Revealing Your Soles Intentions
-Bringing Your Dreams into Reality
-Discovering What Brings You Joy
-Remembering Why You are Really on this Earth Journey
-Expressing Your Power


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